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                 The Log
May 17, 2007
Adrian:   Hi! Im at the internet cafe i was playing Sid Mervins Trains but this stupid Norton thing popped up and of course i had to ask what the heak was going on that had keep popping up in the middle of the screen that keep me from conkering the WORLD!!!!!; and so he took the computer to fix it and he did forgot or so he forgot and started playing a game for himself!!!!!; and while i was whating to get the computer back he made me start writing what i'm writing. I'm  going to my grandparent's house in New York in about 3 weeks. YA!!! I get to get away from the extremely ANOYING/BORING/PAIN IN THE BUT/GRUMPY/i could go on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on but i won't! My mom is caning today so i think were going to the islands sometime this weak. I'm so excited going to the islands because mom said i could invite Sam. Sam is a good friend of mine. We both camped on the back deck on my boat last night. OH!!! I almost forgot every time i go to the clubhouse there's this darn PUFFERFISH that just hangs around and nips things off the bottom of the water.   O ya i was talking about Sam; um oh last night we played Risk right on the back deck were we were camping.
OH!!! did i tell you about my Risk tournament that was like a week ago or something like that? Well if you haven't you must!!! Um I GOT MY BUT KICKED BADLY!!! To put it in human speak if you like to win Risk 7 out of 10 times then you would love to play with ME!!! I declared a remach which is going to happen very soon folks!!! Um Sam lives on Sun Break. My mom talked to Sam's mom and IT'S OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well I shall keep you people posted. ( ADRIAN!!!!!)

June 04, 2007
Adrian:   Hi! Im at the internet cafe agian so I'm typing another upgrade. Yesterday I whent to the magotea with Sam, Pall, and myself. Sam brought a tent that could fit six people but there was only three of us so we had lots of space. When we arived at the magotea at 6:00p.m it was still sunny so Sam and Pall set up the tent, while I dug a flat whole for the fire and set some coals, then a bunch of crumpeled/flat pecies of paper, then small twigs, then over the small twigs some big branches. I diden't light the stuff yet. When I got done they where done whith the tent so I put my sleeping bag, flashlights, and games into the tent. After that we moved the cooler closer to the tent which was full of two half emptey three leeter bottels of soda, a pack of hotdogs (8 hotdogs), a pack of hotdog buns (8 hotdog buns), ice, and some candy. We started the fire next wich took almost half of the maches that we brought because of the stupid wind. After about 12 minuts the coals where hot so we ate 4 hotdogs with the buns of course! After we ate we had to make another fireplace someware else becaus of the stupid wind so we moved it where it wasn't so windy and did the same thing put some coals into the bottem... and the same process but we used all the wind kept puting out our maches and buy the time we had four maches left Sam thought of a brilient idea and brought a tarp looking thing and we coverd the tarp around us and over the fire which did the trick it only took untill the seconed to the last mach and finaly we buned the machbox even though we sill had the last mach in our hand we burnt it which burst into flames and helped us. We all whent to go get sticks for the fire and it finnaly got dark and we all got into the tent. Half of the tent was shoving into the other half of the tent so we sort of fixed it by putting the cooler on the windy side. We were scared because Sam the other day talked to Gunther on Princess and asked if he was going to come and scare use and he said maby. So we were all scared wondering if he was going to come or not. But the kids on LaBellaRora came over and scared the crap out of  us. They came over to scare use which they completed sussesfully so while they where here we played with them. Then we were whent back into the tent to go to bed. Pall whent to bed first while Sam and me took turns on playing his Nentendo DS. We finaly all went to sleep. When it was morning it was frezing and I was up first so I put on my swetpants and swetshert, then everyone was up because of my loudness I prapared a fire for morning hotdogs but then we coulden't start the fire because we remembered that we burnt the stupied machbox. So we called my mom and asked her to bring some maches but Gunther was closer so he volentered to bring them. When he came he helped to start
the fire so we put the tarp thing over us and the fire and got a fire by the fourth mach. So he had a hotdog himself along with us. After that he left and it was getting hot out so I changed back into my swiming shorts and just my swimming shorts no shirt.Then Sam showed us a cool cave then we whent to this shipreck and abanded catermeran with an abanded tiny fishing boat wich was filled with holes. We played with the tiny fishing like boat. Then we caught a blue crab and cooked it then ate it, and it tasted alright. Then we packed eveything and when to eat at LaBellaRora and all of us kids Sam and his sister Isabell, Pall and his brother, Mary and her two other sisters. Then we all whent home period!!!

June 27, 2007
Hi everyone it's adrian I'm in N.Y.
enjoying myself in nice hot shower's which the first
two days when I arived there were so many shampoo's
(which they still have)that smelt so gooooood I used a
little dab from every one!!!!!!!  Oh! I almost forgot
to brag about the relaxing bath's that I take and the
clean clothing I wear every single day!!! You know
this is the lifestile I can handle with!!! 

      I just got done playing with the kid's at
Bruce's house and I remembered to make a new Adrian's
page for the people to figure out what I'm wrighting
about. Today I whent to my Grandpa Roger and Betty's
house and played Stragego whith Roger and played
monoply with Betty. By the time the two games were
done it was late and I wanted to go home. After that I
whent down to Bruces to swim and play, then the kids
whanted to see Grandpa so the kids as in Licoln,
Paige, Austin, Anthony, Brayton, and I whent to go see
Grandpa Dusharm. While the kids were at the house we
played with fake guns that shoot 1 inch stiraphone
tubes with velcrow on the tips of them so it stuck
onto you. The kids came with me at 7:00P.M/N.Y time
and had to leave at 8:00P.M/N.Y time. So after they
left I started wrighting this stuff. 

      On sunday Licoln got to sleep over so me and
licoln stayed up untill 4:30A.M./N.Y time playing Risk
the first mach I won by my strategy wich right Know is
to precious to be released on the N.Y.Times Adrian's
Press but Licoln won the seconed game of Risk because
I was to dumb to let him take Asia. ANEYWAYS I'm Going
to go to the movies with carol somtime next week she
can't do it this week because the person she is
working with has to have knee surgery so she has to
bla bla bla and bla bla bla, so it's going to be
somtime next week PEREOID. Well I will keep you posted
Laties and Gentelman, and have a wounderfull day, and
thank you for reading my nonsence!   Adrian

Ps. Mom I sent you a Email wich you have to be on land
to read just to let you know!

July 25, 2007
Eastern Time (U.S.& Canada) Wednesday, July 25, 2007

      Good morning every one this is AMD news and it
is cerrently 11:36:56a.m. it's 81.2 degrees out side
and it will be partly cloudy/partly sunny today in New
York. Thank you for listining.

      Hi I wellcome you to Adrians nonsence web page.
Worning you may read my web page but if you are a
humanbeing on earth  you probly woulden't understand
my reding unless you are a kid then maby. The key word
people is kid.

      Um Oh! I axalldently jabed my eye with a stick
yesterday when after we played Harry Potter. Oh the
game harry potter is where we have sticks and pretend
that whe are aculay dulling with wounds. A few days
ago like 8 days ago we had a great plan that I would
barrow there moives of Harry P. they had moives 2-4 so
3 movies and wach them all and every time someone
would use a spell I would wright it down. I started
waching them at 8:00a.m. and the last one ended at
5:oop.m. and I had a page and a half full of spells.
So I thought I had plenty and whent to there house to
play Harry P. but it was a few day after that that I
smashed my eye. Eneyways back to the eye when we
finished Harry P. I whent to play with the remote
controll jeep/car thing and I was having a blast and I
was driving it under the car and I couldn't see it so
I had my wound facing up in my right hand and the left
hand and right hand on the remote and so when I sat on
my knees and squated my head down fast my hands were
on the ground  with the stick end faceing upwerd wich
I completly forgot about and when I came down to look
under the car my eye smashed into the stick and when
it happend you know when you rub you eye and you kind
of see white dots whell when the eye smashed I saw a
huge white flash and thought I had broken something in
my eye and of course there were the kids all around me
and they where saying that my eye was bleeding badly.
And let me tell you it heart a bunch so I Whent
upstairs and whent to the bathroom meair and it was
discusting the eyelide was punchered and the eye was
all red from the blood but suprisingly I could still
see. It was kind of weird becase I never cryed but the
eye that I hit was crying and bleeding uncontrolebly
while the other wasen't. And  Brayton and asks me why
is my blood creame looking and I told him it was the
blood and tears mixed. So almost all the kids were
like are you alright and I was like yes I all right!
So I whent to Jen just in case of somthing bad and so
she looked at it and made me turn my eye to the right
and bla, bla, bla and she told me it was alright. And
in my mind I was thinking sarcasticly Oh yaa that
realy help what if it's bleeding in the back of my
head and like somthing happens. But then I realized
her kids must have a dozen injeres a day so she's
probly use to it. But am having an afall time blinking
and sleeping. 

      I think two weeks ago I whent to go see the new
Harry Potter with my Grandma Carol then two days from
that Jen asked if I would like to see Harry Potter and
I said ya but I never told her I alredy seen it so me
and the kids whent to see Harry Potter and of course
it was still good. Three days ago we as in Licoln,
Brayton, Grandpa, Grandma, and I all whent to Water
Safary. It was osum. On the same night that I smash my
eye I came home Ronda said she is taking me to the
Great Excape on Agest 10 it's a roller coster park and
we made a promis Ronda and me that we would ride every
singal one. I told her that im excided and scared
because I'v never ben on one and she had a map of the
park and I was telling her ok let go on this small one
first then well go on this smallish bigish one sconed
to warm up. Then she said no well go to this one first
and she pointed to the bigist one in the park and I
was like WHAT ARE YOU NUTS and she said well if we
ride the bigist ride first then the rest will be cake.
So evenchuly I agreed. She said I can bring two frinds
if they pay for themselfs and stuff like that. Well I
gess thats all I have to say.

P.S. Mom I'll have anothe update maby after the Great

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