Cheoy Lee Rendezvous 2004
Glorietta Bay - La Playa Cove - Southwestern Yacht Club
Our first Cheoy Lee Rendezvous started off on Friday the 12th of March 2004. Four 36 clippers and a Pedrick 36 showed up that evening and we learned that the police weren't inclined to let us anchor where we wanted to. So Mike and Eddy on Mystic (Pedrick 36) stayed at Glorietta in the designated anchorage and the rest of us took off for La Playa Cove. That night we had 4 clippers and a Frisco Flyer in the La Playa anchorage. Three of the Clippers (Sunset, Begorra, and Flying Cloud) rafted together and John and Theresa on Morning Star anchored separate. Everyone eventually gathered on Pat's boat (Begorra) and had a few glasses of wine before turning in for the night. The next morning some of us sailed back down the bay to Glorietta to pick up any straglers, it was a glorious sail as the wind was up around 15 knots. Flying Cloud and Begorra rafted with Mystic for lunch then we all headed out for the sail back up the bay to La Playa. Of course, it was another awesome sail since the wind was still blowing nicely. Once we all got ourselves situated in the anchorage we headed over the Southwestern Yacht Club for dinner, raffles, and prize giveaways. The hot item for the evening was the Cheoy Lee Association Burgees that were donated by James. We had a nice dinner and then did the giveaway raffle, which everyone went away with something from that one. Then it was on to the bigger items. In the end we raised $200 to donate to the Maritime Muesem. As far as I know everyone had a great time visiting with other owners and checking out each others boats. We shouldn't have much trouble getting an even bigger group together next time around. 

Sunset - Beggora - Flying Cloud


Morning Star


Beggora Cockpit

Morning Star

Beggora coming to anchor

The Cheoy lee owners at SWYC




The Mystic Crew - Mike and Eddy

Pat and Jamie

The prize counter


Flying Cloud - Beggora - Sunset

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