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               Flying Cloud
                             The Crew
The Crew of the Flying Cloud consists normally, of the following three people:

Jamie Sibley      Adrian Dusharm       Eileen Sibley

We started this little endeavor with a decision in the fall of 2000. We were at that stage in life, when you start feeling like you should buy a house and settle down, etc. However, Jamie always had a dream of retiring on a sailboat and doing a bit of sailing. Eileen said, "By the time you retire, you'll be too old to sail anywhere!" Then added, "We can either buy a house or buy a boat." Well as you can see, we decided to buy a boat. It was shortly after this, that we moved to San Diego. We finally found the right boat after months of searching. We bought Flying Cloud from her original owners, in Sausalito, CA near San Francisco. We signed the papers in  December of 2001, and immediately began preparations to move her to San Diego and go cruising.......

Adrian at Sailing Camp      Adrian rock Climbing

Adrian and Eileen at Adrians 11th Birthday      Adrian and Jamie at Adrians 11th Birthday

Eileen at the helm of Flying Cloud      Eileen with her new hat

Eileen sporting her new hat      Rich, Jamie, and Eileen, after engine removal