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We like to receive email from people, so please feel free to send us a message anytime. We usually answer our winlink mail within a day. The other email addresses are answered when we are in a significant port where we can access the internet via wireless or internet cafe.

Our email at sea:
kg6wms at winlink dot org

Please DO NOT send ANY attachments or junk mail of any kind to this address. Also, the messages must be plaintext and text only. If you reply to a message from us at this address, please do not hit the reply button. Format a new email which contains only your reply. Although downloading email via the HAM radio is convenient, it is extremely slow, and uses a lot of our precious battery capacity. If you get bounced, just send us your email to one of the addresses below and we'll whitelist you. The spam filter sometimes gets excited on winlink.

Our other email addresses:
Eileen - eileen at sibley dot net
Jamie - jamie at sibley dot net