California Coastal Cruising with Flying Cloud
Monterey to Morro Bay
Our weekend sail started with a very long drive from San Diego to Monterey.  We left at 1430 with an extra crew member.  Richard from our Wind N Sea sailing club volunteered to participate in our adventure.  After very heavy traffic in LA, we stopped for a bite to eat at Chuey's Mesquite Bar and Grill in Stevenson's Ranch off 405N.  I think I've named the exit right, stop in and give it a try.  They got a thumb's up by our crowd.  The rest of the night was uneventful and we arrived in Monterey around 1130. 

The car was unloaded and a few minor known issues were addressed.  The guys tested and found a ground wire problem with the head.  With new wire and ingenuity, we were flushing again at about 0100.  We sacked out to a warm fire and electric heat and saved the bilge pump's jury rigged float switch for morning.

Saturday morning passed quickly with stowing canned goods and properly attaching the float switch.  When finished checking fluid levels and our usual mundane Persil checks, Jamie fired up the engine.  Well, he tried to, anywise.  It wouldn't turn over.  We had no power from battery number two even though it had a full charge.  Jamie and Rich chased wiring once again and finally determined that the main battery power switch was fried.  Once it was replaced, there was a second ground wire problem that warranted wire replacement once again.  The old girl needs to be completely rewired and it is being addressed on an as needed basis at this point.  Anything that isn't new will be replaced upon arrival in San Diego.  That being said, we didn't get under way until Saturday afternoon.  As per our usual, there was no early start in our schedule.

(In Monterey Harbor)

We left Monterey at 1500 after a great lunch of sand dabs (catch of the day) from Lulu's? on Fisherman's Wharf.  Adrian had a hamburger and really liked that, too.  Another thumbs up in the growling stomach category.  We motored out of the Monterey Bay Harbor and put up the headsail and mizzen as we entered the bay.  As soon as we were beyond the point, we tacked and I went below.  I was tired and didn't want to deal with green time until necessary.  We were doing close to 7 knots most of the night. We had 6-8ft seas and 10-15 kts. wind until about 0245 Sunday when it was 2-4 ft seas and no wind at all! We motored for last 8 hours to Morro Bay.  Richard was a lot, a lot, did I say a lot? of help!  I didn't feed fish this time!  I was still very seasick, but with extra crew I was able to get much more rest which really helped me.  I stayed horizontal unless I was at the helm for my shift.  It gets better every time.  This weekend was granola and cereal bars.  OK, it was overkill.  I sure wished I had bread and fixin's.  I know the crew would have appreciated it.  No one cooked.

We took on a lot more water than I was comfortable with through the night and the following day.  There is a packing gland and stuffing box issue that demands a haul-out as soon as possible.  The facilities in Morro Bay really aren't what we need, so we're going to tighten things down again and continue to Santa Barbara on our next leg.  We were washed with waves a few times but not on my watches, weather was warm and dry, a bit nippy at night.  Excellent sailing when we had the wind. 

(A mass of seagulls surrounding a fish dumping possibly from the trawler below)

At 0700 Sunday, Adrian came on deck during my watch.  Jamie came on watch at 0900 and Rich went up as well.  I went below for some zzz's.  The guys had a far off view of Hearst Castle.  At 1000 there was a pod of dolphins feeding on a school of fish and a whale that blew 2-3 times.  I heard it was quite a sight.  We arrived in Morro Bay at 1430 after a decidedly difficult communication problem through Morro Rock on our end.  Around the turn we were loud and clear.  After docking, and harbormaster's forms, the fun began.  The rental car agency was closed on Sunday (which we failed to check out in advance).  The next closest at an airport was also closed on Sunday (yes, they roll up the sidewalks on Sunday in Morro Bay).  This meant no car to drive up to Monterey to collect our own. We walked to the Morro Bay Yacht Club to look up contact info. for John and Nia Schmidt, proud owners of Jovita, a 1964 Cheoy Lee Bermuda Ketch.  They were unavailable, so the guys went off to Ace Hardware by shoe leather express to get an adapter for our shore power.  They stopped at Von's plaza and found out that they went the wrong way.  Rich was still determined to jog to Ace before they closed.  Jamie walked back to the boat to try and finagle transportation to Monterey.  In the meantime, Adrian and I went back to the boat for jackets and went to a Thai restaurant called the "Thai Boat".  We ate and brought dinner back for Jamie and Rich. 


(Eileen at the Helm)

While Jamie was having no luck in the car department, Richard happened to get picked up by a sympathetic boater named Paul, who gave him a lift the rest of the way to Ace.  Thanks Paul!  Paul was our man.   He ended up giving Jamie a ride up to Monterey for our car for fuel and funds.  It always amazes me how helpful the boating community is.  It's a welcome change in our lives.  Paul lives aboard his trimaran in Morro Bay.


Rich cleaned the bilge and I tightened hose clamps while waiting for Jamie's return.  We were just finished packing up when John and Nia stopped by for a visit on Flying Cloud. They had been out on Jovita when we called earlier.  We shared stories and promised to meet up when we're back in town.  Looking forward to it!  That was the remainder of our evening's excitement.  Rich, Adrian and I got some sleep.  Good thing, Jamie didn't return until 2230.  We loaded the car and I drove as far as Oceanside.  Rich took over and we were home at 0400, much later than planned, but pretty smooth despite the hang-ups. 


Thanks again Rich!  We're planning another repair weekend to precede the next sail, just like in Monterey.

(Morro Rock)


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