We left for Ventura Friday evening around 630pm.  We stopped at Tandoor Oven in Mira Mesa for dinner before we headed out.  Its my favorite Indian restaurant in San Diego County (ok, Ive only been to two, but it is the best Ive had so far).  It was 8pm when we left and an easy drive from there.  We unloaded and long-term parked the car in the Santa Barbara Harbor lot and hunkered down for the night.  It was a very warm weekend and we just used the electric heater to keep the chill off.

After stowing our goods and a breakfast at Minnows on the wharf, we set sail at 11am.  I didn't get sick at all this time.  I took two motion sickness pills and wore my shock band at level 3.  We had 4-6 foot swells and 2-4 ft wind waves.  The wind really never exceeded 20 knots.  Not much by our sailing standards, however, it was very wet, so we shortened sail.  Adrian went below because he got sick of the cold spray.  We motored with our hankie trysail up front and that was all. Jamie had a head cold and couldn't take the motion of the boat and he got sick after taking down the main.  It was pretty funny not to be the one hanging on to the rails for dear life.  Of course, I was sympathetic and took the helm for quite awhile. He recovered nicely. 

Saw lots of oil rigs again, and an assortment of floating objects including someone's companion way steps, some large line, and lots of pelicans.


It was 6pm when we arrived at buoy V-2.  It was a very dark night, we had no problems in the marina, but we had a little trouble finding the right slip.  We ended up in "L-19" instead of "L-27".  We found out in the morning that L-27 wasn't labeled and we probably wouldn't have found it in the daylight.  We met a really great couple of guys on L-dock, Will and Mike.  They gave us their pass card so we could shower and get in and out of the marina.  We scrubbed and ate at a restaurant about a half-mile walk from Ventura Isle Marina to other side of harbor.  Italian food.  It was great.  We had a lot of leftovers except for Adrian.  He ate everything in front of him.  We were in bed by 9, very tired despite the short day.

On Sunday morning Jamie signed us in at the office and I got busy cleaning up.  We spent and hour scrubbing and hosing down the boat.  Fixed all the sails and covered everything.  Jamie and Adrian got a ride over to the airport from a guy at the marina office.  We rented a car and were packed and ready to go by noon.  We drove back to Snobby Barbara for our car and returned the rental to airport on the way home.

We stopped in Mira Mesa again for Chinese food on Convoy Street.  It was very good. 

We found out on Monday that weve finally gotten a permanent slip assignment in Chula Vista.  We can bring the boat the rest of the way home and not worry about where well keep her.

Ventura Isle marina

Adrian playing at the marina

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