Our First sail on Flying Cloud

Our first day out (Sat. Jan 12, 2002) was quite calm but Flying Cloud sailed superbly and we were actually able to sail past many other sailboats without much trouble. Steve went with us on this sail and was quite impressed, he single handed his way down from BC Canada, he is our neighbor on the docks at Myron Spaulding Boat works where we are currently docked. The tide being extremely low in that area we couldn't get back to our dock so we continued to sail until after dark and headed back to the boat yard under the cover of darkness, this was a little thrilling since we only traversed this waterway one time previous, but Eileen manned the helm and I stood on deck watching the channel markers and we made it back just fine. The following day we took her out for another sail by ourselves, the winds were even lighter, but we took the opportunity to give Eileen some lessons in raising and lowering the sails, so not all was lost. Adrian, I am happy to report really enjoyed the sailing and is still learning the basics, he manned the helm a couple of times and was pretty happy with himself after words.


Midshipman Adrian

The skipper (Jamie)

Sunset over the Golden Gate Bridge (taken by Eileen)

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