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January 12, 2007
We are still in AR until the end of February.  As our pending departure approaches, we are all affected by various emotions.  Adrian feels abject glee at being able to ditch school and get back on the homeschool program.  Jamie feels much the same about ditching Arkansas and returning to the boat.  I have a more confused sense of the future.  I have enjoyed our stay here tremendously.  It was a break from homeschooling, boat repair, and marina living, all of which wore me thin at times.  Here I am a mom and an engineer.  I have a job where my brains are used and I've discovered it's remained pretty much intact despite the ups and downs in our California boat life.  I am a contributing member of the family financially and I have also thoroughly enjoyed being surrounded by friends and colleagues in our age group and families with like-aged children for Adrian to play with.

We are now selling off all the trappings of land life that we've acquired in spite of ourselves.  It's very much a relief to see this things walk out the door thanks to ebay and the contractors we work with.  There is always a need that allows someone to buy or take our well-used discards.  We will continue our sporting pursuits of rock-climbing and ballroom dancing to occupy ourselves until we leave. 

Adrian is preparing for mid-terms.  They start next week.  To help him do this, he has limited computer privileges, which like all kids his age, would be all he does if we didn't take it away.  Games are fun, right? 

The landlord is advertising our place, so we're keeping it up in case of potential renters stopping by.  What a drag.  I hate making beds, vacuuming, dishes.  Where's the maid?

I remind myself that the chaos will settle soon.  At least there are no boat projects to deal with in the midst of the madness! (Eileen)

We are now three weeks away from moving back to California and back to our sailing life. I can't wait! (Jamie)

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