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February 15, 2007
We are finally going to leave for San Diego tomorrow morning.  It seems like we've been gone forever from the boat. 
February 25, 2007
Yesterday was my birthday. We had a grand time at the marine base with our friends Rich and Lauren. We bowled a couple of games, had some pizza and watched a movie. We even had a chocolate silk pie, with candles, at their house afterwards. I can't believe that I'm 36... I am pretty much over the disease that we caught as we were leaving AR. So, I have finally been able to start tackling some of the little projects that need to be done around the boat. Yesterday, I went up both masts and inspected everything, and also replaced a bunch of the zip ties for the various cables that we have running up the shrouds. I had bought a bunch of cheap ones last year, so they pretty much all had to be replaced. Crappy zip ties suck! I have also been furiously listing unneeded boat parts on eBay. I'm sure that everything will find a good home. Today I started replacing the wind generator, which of course is going to take two days instead of one, but hopefully I'll finish the job tomorrow. Stuart is going to sandblast the blade hub, so I can paint it. The thing was all rusted when I took it off. The new alternator should give us a lot better power at low wind speeds. It has been pretty much useless in the past.
We still don't know exactly what we are going to do at the end of the month. We have to choose whether or not to stay in the marina for a couple more weeks or leave and bop around San Diego bay for a while before we head south. Adrian has some home school tests to take at the beginning of March, so we will definitely be here for that. We'll probably head for Ensenada first for a few days and then keep going as long as the weather is decent. The weather has been up and down since we've been back. Had a nice storm the first night, which didn't get Eileen too excited. She has been cleaning and organizing the interior of the boat since we arrived, and things are in very good shape down below again. (Jamie)

February 26, 2007
We are back in Chula Vista and frantically preparing to leave.  Well, I wouldn't say frantically.  We left Little Rock last Friday, the 16th.  Arrived here Sunday evening.  Both boys had terrible colds and were down until Thursday.  I pretty much unpacked the car and did all the stowing at the boat.  Once Jamie got up and about, he worked on putting away tools and spare parts from the boat yard visit last fall when he cut himself too short on time and couldn't get it all cleared up. 

We've been ebaying items from the old engine as well as other nonesuch that we no longer want on board.  It's been good to be away a year.  We've been able to sort through the locker contents and dispose of, without emotion, anything that is no longer practical.  It's really lightened the load, with the exception of the weight we both came back from Arkansas with.  HA

We're leaving the marina tomorrow, as we don't care to pay another month's slip fees.  We'll go to the various anchorages, and maybe as a last stop to the police docks, to provision before departure.  Adrian has exams March 6&7th for his homeschool.  After that, we're foot loose and fancy free.

I finished emptying the last boxes that returned with us yesterday.  That included many of my sewing and canvas supplies.  I am amazed how much stuff we've got on board.  It's like the boat expands to allow for that one extra item.  Today is my last spring clean.  I have finally gotten to the floors and decks.  I need to wash rugs and do laundry.  I already washed away all the mildew found in various lockers and overhead sections, disinfected the head and scrubbed through the galley.  It wasn't dirty, but had accumulated a lot of dust from the Santa Ana winds.  (We left a few hatches open for ventilation).  Now it's just the floors and basic upkeep with housework, oh joy!

So to those who wondered what on earth you do on a boat, it's much the same as going to work everyday.  The payoff is in the sunsets and friendships made and kept through the years.  (Eileen)

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