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Oct 1, 2007   - Bahia de los Angeles - Puerto Don Juan - We motored here yesterday in the afternoon.  The seas laid down and it would have been a bit of a beat.  Since I had just finished making two fish pies and one went in the oven at chain-up, we decided to just buzz over here without the usual drama.  Adrian made his trip with the Idefix clan.  When we arrived, pies were done and wrapped in a big beach towel to stay warm for dinner.  Later, we enjoyed having Greg and Jill over from Gwynevere, as well as the Idefix to share eats.  Jill went over the top and arrived with still warm home-made peanut butter cookies.  The scavengers devoured them all for dessert.

The usual men spearfishing and women teaching happens in the mornings.  Jamie repaired the chain locker issue.  Chain used to occasionally want to pile up on a shelf on the starboard side of the chain locker.  There is now a copper "slide" blocking the shelf.  It should never happen again, it was just one of those irritating things to have to go climbing through the v-berth to "move the pile" to put the rest of the chain in and get underway.  This evening we had a fire at the beach with curried fish, garlic bread and banana bread dessert with Idefix and Kia Kaha.  We also met the various crews from Flying Cloud (yes, there are two of us here in the sea), Ensueno, Sailor's Run and Morning Light when they came to the beach to visit.  It was a bit of a bust because the sun seemed to go down really early and it was a dark night..  Henry from Rapscullion was also there. 

Oct 4, 2007 - Bahia de los Angeles - Puerto Don Juan - Eileen and I hiked to the tippy top of the nearby mountain. Yesterday Mike from Kia Kaha caught a nice yellow tail trolling outside the bay.  They invited everyone to the beach for a lunch cookout. We had some awesome sashimi and sushi.  Melinda brought grits with cheese and peppers.  It was awesome.  We just did cheese and apple pieces for appies/dessert.  Eileen also did tons of laundry yesterday and cleaned the cockpit and stowed items hanging out in the cockpit area for the 7 months since we've left San Diego.  She even pulled the grates and cleared the drains.  Later she went clamming with Frederique and Kirsten.  Adrian hung out with the Idefix boys for awhile with Josh on Southern Belle.  Today is Saylor's birthday (Idefix). He got his dinghy license this morning. So we'll see how that goes. 

Saylor gets his dinghy license, on his birthday______Eileen and Jamie resting at the top while hiking the mountain near PDJ

Puerto Don Juan anchorage Flying Cloud is all the way to the left______Eileen is making me really sweat on this hike. Even the hat is drooping

Pano of the neighboring islands near BLA

Nice pano overlooking the sea from PDJ mountains (11 mb)

Saylor gets his dinghy license (3 mb)

Oct 6, 2007 - Isla Salsipuedes - We have officially started the trek south towards La Paz. Currently anchored in the Caleta de Cuevo on the south side of the island. It was a nasty ride over here, but we sailed the whole way. High confused seas and high wind made it an exciting passage. We'll be heading over to San Francisquito, in the next couple days if the seas lay down a bit.

Oct 7, 2007 - Isla Salsipuedes - Water is clear, lots of huge fish. Waiting for the sea to calm down a bit.  It is still quite windy.  We never even launched the dinghy.  Just holed up on the boat, Adrian is cranking out school work and Eileen is grumpy from lack of exercise.

Oct 8, 2007 - San Francisquito - Pulled into the small inner harbor at San Francisquito. Navy base, gringo houses, etc. NO tofu. One traveling scallop. I guess the locals have eaten everything in sight. Schools of manta rays, and sea turtle with phosphorescent spots on his back. Thanks to Scott on Idefix our fish naming is now up to H.

Frederique and I went for a nice run.  There is about a five mile hard sand road around the airport and hotel here.  I was only able to run about 2 of the 5 and walked the rest except down hills.  It was a very hot afternoon and I am still dreadfully out of shape in spite of our activity levels here.  I am trying to get in shape for a marathon in Mazatlan in December.  We had a few nice dinners together with the Idefix, fish, of course, and the boys spent lots of time doing schoolwork and waiting for the next passage south.

Oct 16, 2007 - Santa Rosalia - Leaving for Isla San Marcos today. We had a very active overnight of mostly sailing and some motoring from San Francisquito to Santa Rosalia from the 11th to the 12th.  It is 70 miles between the two, with curious winds and currents.  We actually had 3 hours of 7.5 kts sailing under full canvas.  That's hull speed for us.  Any faster and we'd have had to been surfing.  What a thrill.

We spent a couple days reprovisioning in SR and depleting vendors of their wares. Pizza, ice-cream, hot dogs, hamburgers and tacos. Jamie was scolded for stealing internet at marina Singlar. We had a great visit with our friends John and Bridgette on Sailsoon, they made hamburgers and fries.  Awesome. We re-explored the factory and hiked up to the cemetery memorial to the miners.  Eileen went jogging, led the events and activities during the stay.  We have yet to meet our red meat quota.  I guess it's the cooler temperatures that have triggered the cravings.  Today we'll make one last run to town to mail off two months of Adrian's schoolwork and get some last minute items at the store - namely meat, cheese and tortillas.  One more fresh water shower and we're off.  We should be at the Isla San Marcos by early afternoon.

French main office for the old mining facility______Kids on one of the old mining engines

Adrian, Saylor, and grumpy Elliot on the train engine______Hotel St Francis

Hotel St Francis interior______Hotel St. Francis pool and birds

Oct 17, 2007 - Isla San Marcos - Since this is our second time at this island, we kind of knew what to do. Eileen and Adrian went for a serious overland hike while Scott and I did a bit of spearfishing. I finally got a fish! It's been a few days since I have actually killed something. It was a almost named grouper. Only 21" so it doesn't qualify. This afternoon, I found a few scallops and shot a huge hawkfish. 

The giant hawkfish is talking to you.

Oct 18, 2007 - Punta Chivato - Had an awesome sail down her from San Marcos. We sailed off the anchor and sailed at about 3 knots boat speed, and got moving between 5-6 knots after the wind picked up an hour later. Pretty windy. In the 20-25 knot range. 

Oct 19, 2007 - Punta Chivato - Shot huge Common Jack, in front of the hotel here in Chivato, not sure if it is going to taste bad. The last one we got was enough to gag somebody. Scott got a nice grouper and Saylor shot a small snapper. Thank goodness we have lots of other fish in the fridge besides the Jack. We'll be heading out of here early in the morning for either Punta Pulpito or San Juanico. The day after tomorrow is predicted to bring some fairly high winds, maybe around 30 knots. Which in itself isn't too bad, but it whips up the sea quite a lot. So we'll hang there for a couple days. The visibility is supposed to be very good, so the snorkeling should keep everyone busy.

Common Jack - Punta Chivato - Named fish.. Hugo

Oct 21, 2007 - San Juanico - Had a very easy motorsail from Chivato down to San Juanico yesterday.  Well, if you consider the hoisting and dropping of all sails 3 times in 8 hours easy.  It was really irritating.  The shore line is much much greener than when we visited here a few months ago. We saw a huge pod of dolphins. They came over and played in the bow wake for a while, but grew bored, probably because we go too slow for them. We sailed in company with Sailsoon and Idefix. Bridgette on Sailsoon shot an awesome picture of a Thresher shark that had launched itself in the air. Can't believe she caught it on film! We had sort of a Mag Bay reunion party on Flying Cloud last night. The only ones missing were the crew from Sweetie. The fishing is really good here and there are even lots of tofu. Although I have yet to find one that is big enough to eat. Eileen spent the morning baking up a storm, with Elliot from Idefix, as a helper- carrot cake and peanutbutter chocolate chip cookies. I used another one of the Indian "simmer sauces" that Rhonda got for us, for lunch. It was pretty good. Thanks Rhonda! The wind has started to blow pretty good, so I imagine we'll spend the rest of the day on the boat. 

Oct 22, 2007 - San Juanico - Jamie visited with Estrella most of the day, since the waves were breaking over the spot where we have been fishing. Went to try for tofu late this afternoon, but they were really in hiding. Maybe tomorrow the wind will lie down enough that we can go try for the tofu again.  Boat dynamics suck.  Everyone is on each other's nerves and crabby because we're stuck on the boat.  Windy windy windy.

Oct 24, 2007 - San Juanico - Yesterday we finally had some major success on the tofu front. While Scott and Saylor were blasting fish Adam and I concentrated our efforts on finding the very elusive tofu. I found some right away in the new area that we tried. Adam ended up with a small one, but we had one none the less. We found a couple spots that had large tofu's, but the ever present eels were keeping us a bay. Later in the day we went back and canvassed the entire area again. The one spot we knew had large sized tofu, also had a very large eel in residence. We were about to leave again when I thought of a plan of action. I thought if we could somehow distract the eel, then maybe we could go down and blast a tofu at the same time. I had a little flag cabrilla, on my pole spear and lowered it down in front of the cave opening. Once the eel smelled it he went crazy and the pole spear disappeared into the cave. At the same time, Adam went down on the other side of the cave, and bagged a huge tofu, that had been dislodged by the eels frantic eating. So the operation was a success. We tried again, but the eel didn't play the same game.  We left the scene triumphant anyhow.

Eileen, Fred, and Kris went for a short walk over to La Ramada anchorage on the north side of us to check out the surf.  It was breaking over the rocks and reef on that side, coming into the bay in 4 sets of rollers. Eileen also did some snorkeling and found a nice cache of scallops that we plan to collect today.

Eileen takes a quick bath in San Juanico______Estrella at anchor in San Juanico

Surf at La Ramada______Surf at La Ramada

Desert flowers that Eileen found on her hike______Sneaker of Eileen

Wild desert flowers along the trail to La Ramada

San Juanico Round 2 (7 mb)

Oct 26, 2007 - San Juanico - Had a big beach fish fry on the beach last night. Grouper, dog snapper, and rooster fish. Lots of good food. Estrella had the big surprise of the evening with a can of whip cream for the desserts. We are planning to leave for points south tomorrow morning. Haven't yet decided exactly where we are going. Somewhere around Loreto/Escondido area. 

Oct 27, 2007 - Loreto/Ballandra - Currently anchored off Loreto. Eileen is in town stocking up on some items that we are low on. When she gets back we'll head across to Ballandra. It's only about 9 miles. 

Oct 29, 2007 - Ballandra - Spent two nights in Ballandra. Had good luck tofu hunting, and Scott got a nice sized grouper. Eileen plans to make a nice tofu bisque for lunch today. We are underway with our destination being La Paz. We may stop for the night at Agua Verde, but the plan is to go straight through. We need to get to a good stopping point so that we can paint the cabin top and varnish the masts, etc. We also have a bunch of stuff to sell once we get to La Paz.

Oct 31, 2007 - Agua Verde - Round 2 - We Pulled into Agua Verde since we had about 0 knots of wind and crazy swells that were rolling us from rail to rail, while we motored along, towards La Paz. We decided to do our annual varnish maintenance here instead of La Paz, since there won't be any wind for at least a week. i scuffed up the masts and the mizzen boom yesterday and also made some repairs to the gooseneck on the mizzen boom. this morning Eileen did the first coat of varnish on those three items. A couple of fishing boats pulled in this morning, so I went over to see if they had any shrimp. I ended up getting a large bucket full for 160 pesos. They are nice and fresh. This is one of the seafoods that we can't get ourselves, so it's a nice treat once in a while. 
This afternoon Scott and I tried to locate the fish again. The entire area seems vacant of fish. However, I did have great luck on the tofu front. We bagged five altogether, one of which was gigantic. So we all ate like glutons and still had lots left over for lunch tomorrow. Happy Halloween! 

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