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Dec 2, 2007   - Ensenada de los Muertos - We returned yesterday when the wind shifted to northerly once again.  We are very tired of moving places.  We've covered 100 miles over the past two weeks with a short passage roughly every 2-3 days.  The wind and weather have been snotty.  We've had 5 rolly nights since Dan's been here, and we're hard pressed to show a good time in these conditions.  We didn't plan for the tropical storm end of November.

We met a good bunch of folks on Easily Amused (AKA Easily Aroused), Mike, Tony and Kim.  We went up to the Giggling Marlin for burgers and beers with them last night. Jamie and Dan took Mike spearfishing with them today. Eileen toiled over laundry.  Dan needed clean jeans for the trip home, the rest of us were well on our way to working through our entire wardrobe, what with the rain and passages. Adrian played with Jaryd from Tin Soldier this afternoon, he's 12.  We spent part of the afternoon trying to work out rides for Dan and Kim to get to Cabo.  It is not going so well.  Maybe they'll have to hitchhike.

Dec 4, 2007   - Ensenada de los Muertos - high winds, 25-30kts. Went to La Paz yesterday to get Dan to the airport. Jamie and Dan hitched ride with a hotel taxi to La Paz. The hotels transport their clients to Muertos for sportsfishing and the taxi driver was willing to take the guys back with him.  Kim decided to fly on to Cabo in a small plane from Muertos.  It was too expensive for us mere mortals... Dan and Jamie stayed at a hostel for $110 pesos each and even had a private bathroom.  It was old fashioned, but clean and comfortable.  They ate at Pizza y Pezzi, hotdogs, and 5 peso tacos all in the same day for Dan's last hurrah. Jamie used all our cruiser connections to get Dan to Cabo San Jose airport with crew from Que Tal this morning.  Jamie caught a ride back to Muertos with Bob and Linda on Tahoma and Dave and Kelly on Sweet Lorraine.  They were driving over to visit with their cruising friends on Sailsoon and Adios.  It all worked out very neatly if I do say so. 

Dec 6, 2007   - Ensenada de los Muertos to Mazatlan - Took the boys from Easily Amused out fishing again. Still didn't find much. A tiny yellow jack, hawkfish and a couple tofu. I got scolded for being out so long.  I was gone all afternoon and Eileen came to find us at 5pm.  Very grumpy since we depart in 5 hours.  Currently underway for Mazatlan. Should arrive in the morning tomorrow. It's been a pretty low key crossing, which is what we needed after our last attempt. I made some beef neck curry for lunch.

Dec 7, 2007   - Ensenada de los Muertos to Mazatlan - Well we made it safe and sound to Mazatlan. Had a boobie attack just before dark.  We tied to keep them fended off, but one broke the wind indicator and another eventually stayed for the ride to Mazatlan at the top of the mizzen mast. We saw some dolphins near the harbor entrance and during the night. Mazatlan has huge shrimp and tuna fleet. Lots of large shipping. 

Trying to get a boobie off the spreader. I am smacking the hell out of him but he won't go.______The bathroom at club nautico

Mazatlan skyline (8 mb)

Swatting at the boobies (7 mb)

Club Nauticao wharfs______Club Nautico dinghy docks

One of the many shrimp boats rusting away in Mazatlan harbor______Massive tuna boats

The panga bus that ferries folks over to the isthmus______Bizarre tour boat

Two massive freight carriers______Lighthouse hill

Mazatlan harbor entrance______Harbor entrance

Stuff across the way

Dec 8, 2007   - Mazatlan - We went into town today. This is a huge city. We found lot's of stuff. Market bazaar. Ice cream, pizza. Art district with Euro cafes. Came home and did a boat rescue. Some kids had thrown off the mooring line on fishing boat, then swam to shore. Went to shore and found the owner, then we used the Flying Cloud dinghy to bring her back in. Picture below. Meanwhile, Eileen called out for some help on the VHF, it felt like we were back in San Carlos, where nobody turns on their radios. The only one who answered was Teak on Ariel, he doesn't have an outboard, but at least tried to help out. I hope the rest of the folks who were aboard their boats never need a helping hand. 

Fishing boat rescue, towing with the Porta-Bote

Dec 9, 2007   - Mazatlan - I guess today went OK. Scott and I toured around town and took pictures while the girls went up the mountain to see the lighthouse. My internet scam for movies crapped out and wouldn't restart, so I guess I'll try it again tomorrow.

The famous Mazatlan sewage treatment plant that stinks up the anchorage______Harbor entrance

Cool looking cactus______View of Mazatlan from the lighthouse

Looking down at the boats from the lighthouse______El mirador resturant, check out those steps

The cathederal in centro______The downtown christmas tree

One of the downtown streets______Typical wire setup in Mexico

Primary school near the beach______Beach side

Kids fishing above the beach______Mazatlan University

Gun in front of Mirador resturant______Scott poses on the steps goping down from El Mirador

Dec 11, 2007   - Mazatlan - Walked about a million miles yesterday, but was finally able to order a replacement wind indicator, for the one that the boobies broke off during the crossing. I took the bus back to town, as my legs were shot. Then I went to an awesome Flamenco dancing in the evening. Check out the videos below. Took care of the fuel run today. Had to get a ride from one of the panga fishermen in his car. There isn't any diesel fuel available anywhere near where we are anchored. I had borrowed some extra jugs, so go it all done in one shot. 

Flamenco Dancing (4 mb)

Flamenco Ladies (4 mb)

Dec 13, 2007   - Mazatlan - Yesterday, did some more internet stuff, downloaded a couple more movies, and finished the research on the new windlass. We decided to go ahead with the purchase of a powered windlass, so that the smaller folks onboard can have an easier and safer time getting the anchor onto the boat in heavy conditions. We decided on the Lofrans Tigres model. It's a huge purchase, and now the only problem is how to get the thing down here, along with a couple other items. At the rate we are going it will probably end up with us driving to the border and getting the stuff ourselves. We shall see. In the evening yesterday, we went in to see a movie since it was cheap day. Only 23 pesos for a new release movie isn't bad at all. The kids and Fred went to see The Bee Movie, Eileen saw Lions for Lambs, and Scott, myself, and Adrian saw 3:10 to Yuma. They were all good in their own way. Then we went to Home Depot to get a water filter for filtering the dock water here. We were told that the water has quite a it of sediment in it. So we'll filter it before putting it onboard. After all that we went into downtown for some eats. It turned out to be the annual Virgin Mary celebration, so there were tons of street vendors, with all kinds of stuff to eat. We had our fill, then hit the ice cream place. An end to a good night. 

Eileen has headed off for the dentist to hopefully get her tooth worked on. It's the one that has been bothering her for months. I get to babysit Adrian, and maybe I'll haul some water too.

Dec 15, 2007   - Mazatlan - The dentist thing has worked out great so far. Eileen has bling....

Eileen  shows of her new plastic mouth guard______Eileens new gold tooth

Dec 18, 2007   - Mazatlan - Going to go pick up my wind indicator for the top of the mast today. I finally got everything ordered and shipped to Nogales, AZ. We'll have a pretty good pile of stuff including the New windlass, cable, breaker, new spear gun, mail from California, and some sanitation hose for a replumbing job. As soon as, everything arrives up there, I'll drive up and retrieve it. We recently visited some of the local museos. The art museum was interesting, we got to watch the rehearsals for a Rudolf play adaptation. Then visited the archaeological museum. Pretty interesting too, with a few bones and some pottery from Sinaloa area. Met Bob on the street, he was quitting smoking. He and his wife Judy came over for a visit last night, they are from Ohio. They seem like nice enough folks, and are looking at houses in the area. I hope they find something good. Maybe they will send us an email so that we can keep in touch, since we failed to get their info from them before they took off.

Eileen plays the pocket trumpet______A head at the art museum

One of the many boob paintings at the art museum______A head painting at art museum

Another painting at the art museum______Mural outside the art museum

Rocks in front of the archaeological museum______A bone pile in a jar archaeological museum

Bones in a spot archaeological museum______pottery archaeological museum

Random door downtown______Random cat (gato) downtown

Random lamp post downtown______Panama bread store

Side entrance to the catheral______Gothic dragons on the lamp posts surrounding the cathedral

A decent sunset over Mazatlan

Dec 22, 2007   - Mazatlan - Last night was the solstice party. Thanks to Momo and all the kids there was an awesome pinata to blast apart. Everyone brought some little snacks and drinks. The kids also had a secret santa gift exchange. The adults had a very entertaining white elephant exchange. There were some exciting gifts including a very nice chicken cock warmer! Karl on 4-PACK ended up with that nice gift. We all had lots of fun hanging out with everyone. Today Scott and I went into town again to try to find some Yu-gi-o cards for Adrian, but again came up empty handed. We were able to pick up Eileen's present, I am sure a picture of it will appear after Christmas. Rapscullion was nice enough to store it for me until Christmas. This evening we took a long, long, long bus ride outside of town to a nice little resturant that is on the beach. Each Saturday they have some local horsemen being their horses to dance, it's quite entertaining. They also had a short program of traditional dance (by people). We all had a great time. The truck ride back to the boat was something that would be completly illegal back in the states or any first world country for that matter. We piled twenty gingos into the back and front of a truck taxi and went on our way, the trip has to be close to 20 miles. They aren't a full size truck. They are just a little nissan pickup with a canopy over the bed and bench seats down each side. We had it totally filled up. 

On Wed. Eileen and the girls did a huge provisioning run and she has been canning lamb and other stuff in her spare time.... Adrian has been enjoying the presence of two more boys in his age range that came in a couple days ago on a boat called 4-P.A.C.K. it's an acronym for the all their first names. Patrick is the youngest, Andrea the mom, Casey the older boy, and Karl the dad. 

Solstice party, Karl, Bernie, and Teak______Solstice party

Jana hitting the pinata (3 mb)

Elliot hits the pinata (4 mb)

The pinata breaks (10 mb)

The pinata breaking solstice party______The pinatas last days

Mulled wine get together on Momo______The mulled wine party on Momo

Eileen cans lamb______On our way to the beach resturant

Pretty funny sign at horse rental place______Most of the gang from the old harbor at beach resturant

Dancing horse on the beach outside the resturant______Caballeros waiting their turn to make their horses dance

Dancing horse (16 mb)

Little Cabellero and his horse______Kids washing off after surfing and boogie boarding

Sunset on the beach______Some of the staff at the resturant

Men Traditional Dancing (10 mb)

Couples Traditional Dancing (10 mb)

Some of the gang______Fred and Scott

Joan and Henry - Rapscullion______Jim and Shelly - Ebeneezer

Delores and Monty - Heavenly Star______Karl and Andrea - 4-PACK

Eileen and Jamie finally caught dancing in Mexico

Dec 27, 2007   - Mazatlan - Christmas Eve was spent at Idefix. We had an awesome dinner, shrimp, chicken, brie, great wine and friends.  Afterwards, we walked into town around the cathedral.  There was not much action, but one street was filled with vendors.  I guess things get more lively at midnight, but we all went home long before.  On Christmas Day, we opened our gifts.  I got an awesome bean bag chair.  Jamie got a t-shirt and pistachios.  Adrian got Yu-Gi-O cards that we found at a street vendor, and some new t-shirts and swimming trunks.  We had Moghul lamb, naan, lassi, chutney and roasted tomatoes and zucchini, all home-made, for Christmas dinner on Flying Cloud.   The Idefix clan and Jean Francois,  from Rondeau Bay, were in attendence. 

On the 26th, we enjoyed hot tub and company with the Tin Soldiers.  Glenn and Marilynn and their son Jaryd invited us up to the luxurious El Cid Marina and Resort Hotel for some swanky entertaining.  We went with none other than the Idefix and the boys had a blast.  We ended the day with Papas Rellenas at a street vendor.  These are baked potatoes loaded with creme and cheese and spices and topped with carne asada, grilled beef.  Yummilicious. 

Jamie finally finished the chartplotter bracket with some bending and welding expertise from Scott on Idefix. I also did a sail repair this morning for Solla Sollew. Jamie and the sail owner supplied the muscle needed to maneuver the sail under the short neck of my sewing maching.  It turned out great!  Tony from Sweetie gave some good advice and helped the project along.  Tonight we had an amazing chicken dinner with Tony and Shannon on Sweetie.  They were the first boat we visited on during a potluck dinner in Magdalena Bay last March.  It was loads of fun to catch up on all the doin's during their stay/work back in the States this summer.  I know that it always  sounds like all we do is shop and eat, but, I guess that's all we do.  Everything takes time on foot and by bus. 

Dec 29, 2007   - Mazatlan - Well, yesterday, the chart organizing took pretty much all day, but we finally got the charts on their way to the copy shop.  We all will have a gross excess of paper charts for the South Pacific to New Zealand.  None of us could stomach the idea of losing our electronics and not have paper charts and chart books on board, so we combine our resources for maximum coverage.  The hours put into sorting and organizing are worth it.  While all this was happening, the boys made a run to the top of el faro, the lighthouse, and played computer games.

I walked in to the market today with Shannon.  I bought charcoal for our heater.  It is f!@#ing cold here.  The wind has been blowing non-stop for the last few weeks.  What's up with all those stories about luxuriating in the sun in Mexico in the winter??  This week, the sun can't send enough heat to keep my nipples from feeling they like they are going to disintegrate from shrivelling in the cold!  We are wearing 3 layers including sweaters and long pants.  We haven't started marching to town in the foulies, but it's darn tempting.

Dec 31, 2007   - Mazatlan - After a chart pick-up bust (they weren't ready), we stopped in el centro and Jamie bought shrimp from the shrimp ladies.  Fred and I tried a veggie and chicken tamale at the market, and ended the afternoon with a small purchase at the Panama bakery.  When we returned home, it was quick preps for the New Year's Eve party/potluck in the old harbor.  There was a huge turnout, as several boats had arrived since Christmas due to a weather window that allowed runs across the sea and down from frigid San Carlos.  It was very cold, 50s, but we all had a great time and Flying Cloud ended up with an excess of boys.  Saylor and Casey spent the night.  Movies, farts, absurd noises, giggles and a pillow fight.  This is what boys are all about.  They all had a great time.  In the morning I was a bit cranky, but we had french toast and warm drinks for breakfast to heat up the cabin.  I went for a run to escape.

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