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Jan 2, 2008   - Mazatlan - Today I started teaching a Yoga/stretching class at the Club Nautico in the old harbor.  Great turnout, 3 people on the first day.  I even ended up with a great loan of 3 yoga manuals from Sherry on Tigger, which I am thoroughly enjoying.  Jamie, Fred and Scott left this morning for a 3-day round trip to Arizona to pick up boat parts and renew visas.  I have Saylor from Idefix and Elliot is enjoying time with the Grands, (his grandparents) visiting from Canada.  We went to El Cid Marina to visit with the Tin Soldier clan for the afternoon in another false attempt to pick up our chart copies.  Oh, the drama.

Jan 4, 2008   - Mazatlan - Yesterday we successfully completed sorting our new chart copies and I returned from El Cid Marina with two tired happy boys.  Two days with Jaryd, nerf dart guns and swimming pools and jacuzzis. What a treat.  Scott and Frederique returned today via bus and arrived mid-day, since Jamie was delayed by a small post-office fiasco.  He returned tonight around 11pm with all baggage in tow.  It's good to have things "back to normal". 

Jan 5, 2008   - Mazatlan - Eileen's lousy back saga.  Before yoga today, I left for one of my usual jogs.  I made it about 200 yards and blew out my lower back mid-stride.  Needless to say, I'll be sticking to walking for awhile.  Maybe I should start an around the world analysis on chiropractic services.  Hopefully this is a minor owie and I'll be telling you how great things are in a few days.  We'll see.  Adrian is coughing and I have a bit of a sinus thing happening.  'Tis the season.  Colds are running rampant through the fleet.  I guess we're all pretty wimpy after the warm summer.  Jamie spent the day looking for stainless and cutting/welding services and much to his disgust, he finally found the place he needed and they were closed.  I thought it was funny, but I didn't spend my day in futile search.

Jan 9, 2008   - Mazatlan - Eileens back is still crapped out.... but the windlass project is progressing. 

Jan 19, 2008   - Mazatlan - Windlass install is complete. Eileen's back is officially on the mend. Three chiropractic adjustments and two massages later, Eileen can finally walk again.  I have no back pain at all.  Apparently my back was bad because of an old injury in a car accident many years ago that wasn't corrected.  My spine is aligned now and my hips are level.  My right leg is still sore because the muscles had to be pulled and stretched to get my back back in place.  I have not felt this good in at least ten years.  No more dull lower back ache- AT ALL!  So, I have one more visit on Tuesday to be sure the alignment held.  I was able to walk home yesterday and was told to get back at stretching and yoga, but no running! 

In summary, I spent the last two weeks in bed, hassling the boys and being resident tyrant.  Jamie completed the windlass install yesterday and is almost done cleaning up.  YEAH!  I had plenty of visits from the cruising women here in the old harbor who helped keep my spirits up while I was stuck lying around.   We even had a tea party.  The truth of the matter is, our boat is a rather gross pig sty.  Jamie and Adrian wash dishes every 3 or 4 days whether they need it or not, and they clean up only when they've lost something critical.  I still can't lift, so it's still their job, but today we got the laundry off and Adrian is doing the dishes for me.  I might even be up to cook with a helper.  It would be nice to be able to eat something that's not fried or coated in cheese.  Jamie and Adrian did a good job helping me out, but I'm glad the worst of it is over. 

We ordered a few books from Amazon and now have a new stash of travel guides, a cookbook, novels and must-read items we just couldn't live without.  We do have lots of book exchanges available where we stop, but they are often not the kind of books we'd chose intentionally.  It's nice to freshen up the "library". 

The second step in the windlassproject. Glassed in a ine inch thick piece of cedar.______The new windlass

Adrian does a water run...can he figure out the tackle?______An Adrian Knot doesn't usually work, but we got it worked out after dad steped in to help.

An awesome Mazatlan sunset______The new windlass fully installed and ready for duty.

Eileen updating the webpage in our open air internet cafe at Club Nautico

Eileen runs the new windlass (8 mb)

Jan 30, 2008   - Mazatlan -

Grover...everyones favorite boat dog______Jim and Shely on Ebeneezer

Windlass wires and backing plates______more windlass wiring

Windlass control box______Sand sculpture in the square

Sand sculpture______Internet Cafe where Jamie now owns squatter's rights.

A friendly bird______Another foggy morning in Maztlan

Another foggy morning in Mazatlan (9 mb)

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