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Apr 6, 2008   - Mazatlan - Some of our very best friends left us to return to France today. It really sucks....We were all crying and sniveling like a bunch of babies.

Apr 16, 2008   - Mazatlan - We are experiencing many changes in our lives right now.  First of all, I have been in physical therapy for the better part of two weeks now with all the trivialities of traveling across town 3 days a week, basically I lose the whole mid-day.  I also do heat packs and exercises 3 times a day, so there goes 3 hours.  What else have I done?  Well, I walk a lot.  I enjoyed a visit to the old town for a Friday evening art walk, playing the tourist and experiencing local culture. 

Last week I swam at the pool at Isla Marina while visiting our friends on 4-PACK.  By swimming, I mean that first I was disappointed that it wasn't a full-size pool and I didn't have a lane for laps.   Well, I am no olympian.  I swam across and back once.  Whew.  Exhausted!  But I am happy to be able to do as much as I have.

Jamie landed a (gasp!) JOB!  That 3 letter word we had hoped not to use aboard the Flying Cloud for at least another year.  He leaves for the states on the 22nd.  Gainful employment has its benefits, including things like paychecks and food money.  We're happy the recession hasn't struck us yet.  We've been blissfully ignorant of the state of the States.  Now we remain so in that it doesn't seem to have affected our job market, at least not Jamie's. 

Jamie built an awesome two-step ladder into the v-berth (our bedroom) so his crippled up wife can climb in and out without moaning and groaning about aches and ailments.  Well, I can get in and out, get my own clothes, but I still complain fairly regularly.  Jamie has also done lots of boat systems checks so he can leave the boat with me with peace of mind.  Now what do we do if I return to the US as well?  I guess I have a massive free food blowout (I did provision dry goods for a year), haul out the boat for dry storage and pack our bags to fly north.  I'm sure it won't be nearly that painless and simple, but we'll figure it out.

Me, I've done nothing.  I walk, I exercise, I eat, I rest and read books.  I cook once in awhile, but can't lift or bend or twist for at least two more weeks.  It really sucks not being able to do the laundry, dishes and clean-up.  I sure do miss it.  I don't know how anyone could live without it.  NOT!  I guess I am thankful for the little things.

My sister Rhonda flew down for a vacation.  She arrived yesterday.  I am sure we'll have plenty to talk about now that someone with a new enthusiasm for the boat and the country is here.  We are having a blast catching up. 

Eileen and Rhonda after we picked her up at the airport______Eileens recovery flowers courtesy of her dad


Apr 24, 2008   - Mazatlan - Jamie left on a plane bound for Portland, Oregon. He has taken a contract up there, so we can get the cruising kitty back on track. Eileen and Adrian plan to stay on the Flying Cloud in Mazatlan.

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