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May 25, 2008   - Portland, OR, USA - Well you would think that we would have something interesting to say after this long lapse on time. It seems we've been a bit MIA with the good old weblog lately. Mostly his is due to the fact that I have had to take a design job back in the states to get us back on track as far as money is concerned. 

I came up here to Portland, and was lucky enough to have some really good cruiser friends in the area. Kris and Adam from Estrella helped make the transition back into land life a lot easier. I can't thank them enough for letting me shack up with them until I could find my own place.

It is amazing how expensive EVERYTHING is here in the USA! I have been keeping myself occupied with sailboat racing and hanging out with friends. Meanwhile, Eileen and Adrian have been busy preparing the boat to be hauled out of the water for the summer. They are heading for NY, to take care of some other business. Anyway. I haven't really had much of an urge to keep the log up to date, since I really didn't think that I had anything interesting to write about. Besides I suck at writing and Eileen isn't around to do that portion of the the updates. Here's a few pictures. I also included a new video format for the site on this page. Let me know how you like it.

Adam exposing his chest and his soon to be wife Kris______Kris and Adams condo is at the top of a very large hill

The portland metrorail. Cheap transport around town______This is my train stop in Goosehollow

The saturday farmers market. Check out the price of those fiddleheads!______Adam gets excited at the market


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