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June, 2008   - Portland, OR, USA - Ok, I am way overdue to post stuff. So here are the pics and vids.

This month was highlighted by the brief visit of Eileen and Adrian. Adrian also had an emergency appendectomy.

The magic ball______Kris and Eileen gabbing


Columbia river looking sort of NE______Columbia river looking W

Jamie and Adam______Inside the building at the river overlook

Adam Kris and Eileen looking at pictures from the olden times______Adam and Kris

Entrance to latourel falls______Latourel falls


Forest ranger______Looking up at multnomah falls with Eileen Adrian and Kris


The family portrait______Rainboa at the falls


Breaking the rules again...______Matt my co-worker as, Devil Boy


The racing boat Cool Change______Frank the owner of cool change

Some of the crew on Cool Change______The fuel dock

Adrian in the hospital after appedix removal______Adrian shows off his holes from the surgury

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