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July, 2008   - Portland, OR, USA - Ok, I am still working and earning the cruising dough. Most of the pics for this month are from Adam and Kris wedding. They are our good friends from Estrella. There was also a bit of a cruiser reunion, too. KC and Mandy from Borais showed up, and Tony and Shannon from Sweetie, so there were four boats worth of Mexican cruisers at the wedding. Awesome. It was great to see everyone again. Hopefully, we'll all see each other again down south.

This is where the karioke happens, The ambassador chinese place.______Inside the ambassador, Scott shows us his bird


At the ambassador, Kris poses for the camera, night before the wedding______Posing with the dragon outside the ambassador


Adam is ready to get married______SV Sweetie, Tony and Shannon


KC and Mandy from Borais. Good times______Oh look, they are married


hangin loose______Kris Jamie and Adam check out my tux

The limo...

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