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Mainsheet re-configuration

Originally we had the traveler with a 4:1 fiddle block, that had a cam cleat on the lower block. This setup didn't work very well, since on every tack you had to feed all the line around the mizzen to the other side. Also, smaller people like my wife could not adjust the main at all if there was very much wind. I felt that the mainsheet setup needed to be safer for offshore work and easier for the rest of our small crew to handle main sheet adjustments. The pictures that follow represent the first iteration of this idea. The one major change from the pictures is that the line from the turning block needs to come down from the upper block rather than the lower one. (If it is left like the picture, the line will bind on the block when the boat is on the opposite tack...duh!) Once I re-fead the line through the blocks it worked great! Also, my wife gave the 6:1 set-up lots of good praise, because she can now make adjustments from the helm with one hand. I ordered all the blocks from Garhauer. I feel that their blocks are far superior to all the other blocks on the market and they are also, far cheaper in price. The line size is 5/8" diameter, I changed all the sheets to this size mostly because it is easier to grab and feels better in the hands.

This shows most of the set-up. Since the line runs very close to the side of the cockpit it has never posed any issues with guests getting their feet or legs tangled in the sheet either.



Upper block attachment is right at the end of the boom.

I ran the line down the Port side of the cockpit for the simple reason that all our engine controls are on the Starboard side.

I know the blocks are a bit overkill, but they work great with the 5/8" diameter line.

The only downside to this arrangement is that you have to have a lot of extra line in order to stretch the 6:1 tackle out for downwind work.

If you have any questions regarding this set-up please email me.

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