Flying Cloud - Wind Generator Installation
This is our wind generator installation. It is a Hornet. It similar to an automotive type alternator, but the internal components are modified for the slow turning application. It starts turing in about 8 knots of wind. You don't hear and blade noise until you hit about 15 knots, and even then it's hardly noticable, just a slight whisper. The output is a bit depressing, but it always was meant to be supplimental power anyway. Our main source has always been the flexible solar panels. 

It's finally up there!!



The back side shows the brackets that I made. They are bolted throught the mast. The 6 gauge wire runs down the mast via a enclosed plastic track that I picked up at home depot. They don't last forever, but I have seen this type of track last about 10 years on another boat, which I don't think is too bad, since it's only held on with double sided tape.age 6

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